What I’ve Learned from My First Week with Pure Barre

Hey everyone! Happy Fourth of July!

I hope y’all have fun plans for this weekend and enjoy the festivities. I’ll recap tomorrow about our weekend πŸ™‚

Today I wanted to talk about Pure Barre (not a sponsored post). When we were getting ready for the move, I thought about finding some sort of group fitness class to get involved with and maybe meet some new people. Last week I decided to take the leap and join Pure Barre. It was something I heard about from my friend Kelly and wanted to check it out. I signed up as a new client and have a month of unlimited classes to attend. I just finished my first week and here is what I have learned after only one week of classes.

Pure Barre

1) I signed up this past week for 4 classes, a number they recommend, and I’m glad I did.

–I’ve started to pick up on the routine of the class and am starting to get a sense of the tempo and moves we do. I feel if I didn’t go as often, my body would forget what it was doing or I wouldn’t pick it up as quickly.

2) Small movement does make a difference!

–Pure Barre uses small isometric movements to lift, tone, and burn. You would think it wouldn’t do much but I have felt more of a burn in these four classes than I have in any other workout I’ve done! I may be sore but I know that my muscles are changing and getting stronger.


3) I’m not all that flexible but I am becoming more so.

–After each section of exercises, we do stretching (and I am SO glad we do!). Even after four classes, I feel my reach is getting longer and my stretch is getting deeper.


4) I need this type of class!

–Each class has an enthusiastic instructor who makes you enjoy feeling the burn. They walk around throughout the class and help you with form as well as gives encouragement throughout the class! Also, even though there is a particular routine to each class, the types of movements we do changes with every class. I like variety because then my body will always be challenged and I won’t become bored with the exercises. It is this type of class that makes me want to come to every one and be engaged!

Pure Barre Shake

5) I’m learning more about my body.

–In class, I know there are moves I am not good at, but I also know that I will get better as I get stronger and do them more. They tell you to let your body shake because it means your muscles are changing; this is something I never realized so I am learning to let that happen and not stop because of it. (Plus, it’s kind of nice to know that even experienced athletes shake during these classes πŸ˜‰

After only four classes, I am feeling a difference in my body. I feel I am getting stronger and can’t wait to see how I feel after the month is over! I would recommend anyone to try this classΒ πŸ™‚

Kelsey over at Refinery 29 wrote a great post about her experience with it and proving that anyone can do it. Check it out!

Have any of you ever tried Pure Barre? What are your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned from My First Week with Pure Barre

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