1st Iowa Friends to Visit!!

Hey y’all I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! Ours was full of friends and fun! We had good friends of ours come to visit from Iowa this weekend and left early this morning (which is why this post is a day late). We loved having them here!

They arrived Thursday evening, so we had the opportunity to both be there when they landed. We stopped by the apartment before going out to eat at the Liberty Tap Room and Grill. This is a place that we have been wanting to go, so it was the perfect chance to try it. Cody had the smothered chicken and I had a smokehouse burger. It was really good! Plus being able to catch parts of the Gamecocks game was great (in case you were wondering… we WON!)

Weekend Recap #7

Friday I still had school, but Cody took the day off and hung out with Wade and Isabel. They went out the breakfast, played disc golf, watched a movie, and waited for me to get home. For supper, we went to one of our favorite places, Jim N Nicks. They have amazing BBQ and delicious cheddar biscuits! Cody and I shared a variety of meats, their homemade BBQ chips, and yummy mac n cheese. I wish I would’ve captured a picture of the food.Weekend Recap #7

I love them πŸ™‚

Weekend Recap #7

After supper, we walked up to The Alley. It is a bowling alley/bar/arcade combo but also has some air hockey and ping pong outside. The boys think they are pros on the ping pong table (which is definitely true compared to me) πŸ˜‰

Weekend Recap #7

We ended the night with some great live music and a nice view at Red’s Ice House.

Weekend Recap #7

Saturday we were able to sleep in then we got all packed up and ready to head to the beach. We went over to Sullivan’s Island for a few hours. The water was active so we did some wave jumping! We also played some cornhole (or bags if you are from Iowa), the boys played some catch, we ate some snacks, and sunbathed. The clouds played around in the sky while we were out there but no rain and they cleared for part of the time!

Imagine all of this stuff (including 2 cornhole boards not pictured) fitting into my little Kia Soul… almost didn’t fit but we jigsawed it all in there!Weekend Recap #7Β Β Weekend Recap #7

When the beach had finally tuckered us out, we headed back home (good timing too because it started to rain once we got back). We cleaned up and headed downtown for supper. We met Isabel’s cousin and her husband for supper at Southend Brewery and Smokehouse. Again, the food was so good I forgot to take a picture before it was almost all gone. Cody and I shared “The Big Pig” pizza, which was pulled pork, sausage, and bacon with BBQ sauce… DELISH! We also shared hushpuppies and pimento cheese dip as a table and both were actually really good! I had never tried either.

After supper though we stopped at this place called Wet Willie’s, a daquiri bar that has a wall of different flavors of daquiri that you can mix and match if you want (picture the slushy machines at a gas station or the choices at a frozen yogurt place). Cody and I shared a standard strawberry as we were so full from supper haha πŸ™‚

Weekend Recap #7

We also walked through the city market before coming back towards home. BUT… before we went home we stopped at our favorite Ye Olde Fashioned Ice Cream and got some ice cream. Their smalls literally feel like M/L but they are so good!! Everyone got something different (I got mint chocolate chip) and we all left with some food babies after everything that night.

Sunday we started off the day slowly as the weather was a little questionable. We ended up making breakfast for our guests: regular and chocolate chip pancakes and turkey sausage. Isabel ended up making some over hard eggs for her and Wade (I would’ve but I’m not good at anything but scrambled). I was seriously slacking on the picture-taking front this weekend… guess I was just enjoying the moments instead πŸ™‚

In the afternoon we went to GloZone up in North Charleston where we played some blacklight mini golf and laser tag. When I saw the scoreboard after laser tag I was so pumped to see that I won… by A LOT!!!

Weekend Recap #7

We decided to grill out instead of going out to eat for our last meal together. We grilled hamburgers and brats as well as some corn on the cob! Because it was raining on and off we ate under the cabana by the pool, which was something we hadn’t done yet. The boys played some catch in the rain after supper. We ended the night with going to Cinebarre to see Trainwreck. And as raunchy as the humor was I thought it was hilarious and had a cute ending!

Weekend Recap #7Β (Best buds!)

We had such a good weekend and loved having visitors! We are actually doing it again this coming weekend as Cody’s parents are coming to visit and are arriving Thursday! As a result, a meal plan is pretty much nonexistent this week since tomorrow night Cody may or may not be home for supper and Wednesday we have small group (I’m making sloppy joes if you wanted to know) πŸ™‚

Have a great short week!!

What did you do over your Labor Day weekend?!

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