Flooded In…

Hey y’all! I hope you had a great weekend! Mine has unexpectedly became a 4-day weekend with school being canceled both Friday and Monday. If you haven’t heard by now, South Carolina has been hit hard by rain the past few days causing massive amounts of flooding. A lot of roads have been closed off this weekend and people have been forced from their homes. Prayers go out to those who have been negatively affected by the flooding and thanks to the emergency and police personnel who have worked this weekend to make us all safer.

With the crazy weather, Cody and I stayed home this weekend (I mean we literally haven’t left since Friday except today for 5 minutes to get some fresh air and take out the trash, which resulted in the first rain to fall all day!). And it was SO relaxing!

My weekend technically started Thursday night, so I spent a little extra time on supper. I FINALLY made the Mini Turkey Apple Meatballs and they were delicious! (Thanks Courtney!)

Weekend Recap + Food & Fitness #11

Friday morning I was able to make a more enjoyable breakfast since I had more time, so I put together some waffles with peanut butter and maple syrup. YUM!

Weekend Recap + Food & Fitness #11

Friday consisted of some TV watching, some school work, and a workout. Cody got home a little early due to high tide coming in. We decided to head over to Steel City Pizza for supper since we had a free coupon! We got some awesome cheesy garlic bread to start followed by a meat lovers pizza, which I usually don’t like but I picked off the pepperoni so it was all good! (Sorry no pictures of the food)

Weekend Recap + Food & Fitness #11

I ended Friday night with writing my first Friday blog post in a long time and watching Dangerous Minds with Cody!

Saturday was probably the laziest day I’ve had in a long time! We slept in, watching some college football, and I binge watched Netflix! It literally rained all day, so there wasn’t much going outside that day πŸ™‚

Weekend Recap + Food & Fitness #11

For supper, I made us a poor man’s meal. It came out a little thicker than what my mom would make it like (but she’s the pro!) but it still turned out good and we ate it over some mashed potatoes (perfect for a rainy day!)

Weekend Recap + Food & Fitness #11

To end the night, I made us some cocoa and we started to re-watch the last season of the Walking Dead to refresh our memories before the new season starts in 2 weeks! Are any of you Walking Dead fans?!

Weekend Recap + Food & Fitness #11

Today I started my morning with some Jesus time and church followed by breaking out my grown-up coloring book and completing my first page! I forgot how calming and fun coloring is πŸ™‚

Weekend Recap + Food & Fitness #11

I did a Zumba workout (Does anyone else love Zumba?), watched last week’s episode of Once Upon a Time (#DarkSwan), and starting to read The Longest Ride. Boy, do I miss reading and I hope to incorporate more into my life!

Weekend Recap + Food & Fitness #11

The rest of the day has consisted of football, turkey burgers and cornbread, and doing our first budget!

Tomorrow I plan to do some cleaning, baking, and reading while mixing in some school work.

What did you do this weekend? How do you spend your days off?

Here is the food/fitness plan for the week:

Monday – Cheesy Potato Soup // Zumba

Tuesday – Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage Pasta // Zumba

Wednesday – Small group // Rest

Thursday – Omelettes //Β Zumba?

Friday – Pizza Boats // Rest

Saturday – Out/Wing ItΒ // Zumba

Sunday –Β Grilled Chicken and Mac & Cheese // Rest

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