Good Food & Wedding Work

I can’t believe tomorrow is already February, can you?! That means we are 1/12th done with 2016.

We had a nice chill weekend. Friday after work I picked up our wedding invites before heading downtown to Charleston Beer Works to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday.

Weekend Recap + Food & Fitness #24

I tried to step out of my tiny comfort zone of what is Blue Moon and try something different but similar. Was not super successful.

Saturday I went to the post office to pick up postage for our invite (and it is NOT cheap, let me tell you!) then when I returned home Cody and I went on a walk/run then hit the gym for some quick lifting. I had a post-workout snack instead of lunch since it was later in the afternoon.

Weekend Recap + Food & Fitness #24

That afternoon I worked on putting stamps and labels on our RSVP cards while watching some Criminal Minds on Netflix. And thanks to an idea on Pinterest, I also numbered my RSVP cards in case I can’t read them when they are returned. We finished stamping after supper, hence the wine πŸ™‚

For supper, I made this delicious one pot lasagna soupΒ (SUPER easy!)Β that I discovered from Courtney over at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life AND made some of her cheesy Italian quick bread (seriously love, definitely my go-to!)

After supper we decided to go get some frozen yogurt, which we hadn’t had in FOREVER! Such a good choice! The TCBY by our house has almond milk frozen yogurt, so I got chocolate/vanilla swirl and topped it with cookie dough, oreos, and a couple chunks of peanut butter cup.

Weekend Recap + Food & Fitness #24

When we got home, we watched the movie Get Hard. I wasn’t sure what it was about but it was actually pretty funny!

Today we got up and headed to church. I found out some of my co-workers attend the same service we do, so we were able to sit with them!

We did our usual grocery run, which I have to finish tomorrow as Walmart didn’t have everything we needed and I’m not a fan of Walmart’s produce.

Weekend Recap + Food & Fitness #24

The rest of the day was spentΒ meal planning, printing labels, stuffing invites (my tongue is literally tired), and doing a little schoolwork to be ready for tomorrow.

Now we’re about to watching something on Netflix before heading to bed for another week of life!

Hope you had a great weekend! What did you do? Any weekend rituals?

This week I was much better at getting my workouts in!

Monday – Omelettes (literally too tired to make anything else) // Rest

Tuesday – Grilled chicken & sweet potato fries //Β Rest

Wednesday – Out to eat with our small group at Stereo 8 (I had a chicken taco, but ate everything that came on it! Also some chips & salsa) // Tabata workout

Thursday – PB&J Sandwich (literally didn’t eat until after 8 PM, which is not normal) // Bootcamp Legs Workout

Friday – Charleston Beer Works chicken tenders & cheesy bacon fries // Rest (legs were dead)

Saturday – Lasagna soup (picture above) // Walk/run & Arms workout

10 reps each, 3 rounds: Bicep curls, lateral raises, overhead presses, tricep extensions, and chest flys

Sunday – Country Chicken & Biscuits // Rest

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