Currently // March 2016

This is something I’ve seen other bloggers like Melissa and Danica do in the past and I wanted to jump on in!

Currently Reading // Looking for Alaska by John Green. I feel like I’ve been reading this FOREVER and I’m only about 40 pages from the end but I can’t seem to put myself into the book to finish.

I’ve also been reading my devotional, Trusting God Day by Day by Joyce Meyer and I love it! It speaks so much to what I need to be doing in my life right now.

Currently Listening To // I’ve been rocking the Christian radio station in my car! It helps put me in a positive mood, especially going to and from work.

Currently Watching // At this moment I keep sneaking peeks at Survivor on the TV, but Cody and I have been watching a lot of HIMYM and House of Cards on Netflix! Can’t believe the new House of Cards season comes out Friday! And I need to check out Fuller House… too many good things to watch, no wonder I can’t get myself to read right now lol.

Currently Eating // Tonight we had turkey dog pigs in a blanket with sweet potato fries, but I also made monster cookie bars to take to small group last night and we had a couple leftover for dessert tonight! YUM!

Currently // March 2016Currently // March 2016

Currently Drinking // Some good ole water! I need to be better about drinking more throughout the day.

Current Exercise // I’ve been doing a mix of group bootcamp workouts with my coworkers after school and running with Cody on Saturdays. Today was the first weekday that we did a run and it felt good 🙂 Plus, it helped me reach my 10,000 steps today!

Currently // March 2016

Currently Needing // More time in the day!

Currently Loving // Our new small group AND the warmer weather we’re having!!

Currently Not Loving // The number of days left until spring break… wish it was sooner.

Currently Praying For // Jenny not needing surgery on her foot, prayers for our small group members, growing patience as a teacher, and that my wedding dress still fits me!

Currently Grateful For // My wonderful coworkers, Cody, our families, and our amazing life we have begun to built here in Charleston 🙂

Weekend Recap + Food & Fitness #25

Currently Looking Forward To // Having my first wedding dress fitting Saturday, our getaway this weekend (thanks Mom and Dad!), and of course, our wedding (51 days away!!)

Questions for you:

What are you currently loving? What are you looking forward to?

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