Finding the “Other” White Dress

One of the best parts of this whole wedding process is finding THE dress. I definitely found mine. But there is another white dress we have to remember to get, one for the rehearsal dinner. Sometimes we even need one for our bachelorette party like I do. I can be hard to find the perfect “other” dress.

I started with looking at some of my favorite stores online. I knew it would be a good time to look for white dresses with Easter right around the corner.

I looked at Francesca’s first as I heard they had a good selection.

Finding the

Elody Crochet Dress (no longer available in ivory)

Finding the

Remi Scalloped Dress (no longer available in white)

My mom also sent me the link of a dress from LOFT (my favorite store as you may know!)

Now I’m not one to hastily buy clothes online as I never know if they will fit right, especially if I feel like I won’t have enough time to return it. So, to avoid that hassle, I went into a couple of the stores to find these dresses and try them on.

The first place I went to was a consignment store in Mount Pleasant called Uptown Cheapskate. I tried on a couple different ones and found one I really liked, AND it was only $9.00! This dress is going to be great for the bachelorette party with my blue wedges. (Sorry for my not so thrilled face haha)

Finding the

Since I found it for such a great deal, I still wanted to check out the other stores to make sure it was what I wanted or if I found another good deal.

Next stop was LOFT and I was able to try on that dress my mom found. I loved the fit and the eyelet pattern, but I wasn’t sure if it was the “it” dress.

Finding the

My last stop was Francesca’s. First I tried on the Remi Scalloped Dress and that did not fit right/a little low for my taste. My girls are definitely not the right size for this dress haha.

Finding the

I tried on a different eyelet dress here too. I first tried on the medium but it was little big so I put on the small and liked the look. I definitely liked the eyelet dress from LOFT over the Keira one at Francesca’s.

The last dress I tried was the Elody Crochet Dress and I fell in love with it the minute I put it on! It fit great and I love the ivory color. This is the perfect dress for my bridal shower AND rehearsal dinner, plus I got a discount on it which is always nice.

Finding the

I’m so excited to wear these dresses this coming weekend for my bachelorette party and bridal shower and that I got both dresses for what I would’ve spent on one.

25 more days until I do!!!

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