Weekend Recap + Food & Fitness #33

Once again, where did the weekend go?! Soon enough, we will be on summer break and the week will feel like the weekend too πŸ™‚

This weekend was pretty low key. Friday night my dad set us up with some reservations at Poogan’s Smokehouse and we invited our friends Chris and Katie to join us.


I splurged on a glass of wine and we got some mac and cheese for the table. So good!


For supper, Cody and I split the two-meat combo with pulled pork and smoked sausage. We got hash and rice and brussel sprouts for our sides. This was the first time we tried brussel sprouts; they weren’t our favorite but would eat them again.


For dessert, we headed over to Carmella’s. I had never been there before and was excited to try it. So many things to choose from.


Chris and Katie got rum cake, which I tried and loved! Cody and I shared a caramel mudslide milkshake.


Saturday while Cody went and helped Chris put together his deck, I took the day for myself. I did some things around the apartment and did a lot of relaxing. It was really nice!

For supper, they invited us to eat with them. We had BBQ chicken, asparagus, and green beans. This was the first time we really had asparagus too and it was actually pretty good.


Sunday we headed out to church then ate lunch at home. In the afternoon Cody went disc golfing with some guys from small group. While he was gone, I did some blog work, meal planning, and grocery shopping.

For supper we made some shepherd’s pie with roasted potatoes. Yum!


We ended the night with some Game of Thrones. Love that show!

What did you do this weekend?
Do you watch Game of Thrones?

Here is my food and fitness plan for the week. Next weekend my mom and cousin will be in town, so that is really exciting!

Breakfast – Smoothies, PB toast + apple

Lunch – Leftovers, Wraps

Snacks – Almonds, Fruit, Carrots + hummus, String cheese

Supper – We have several from last week’s plan that we didn’t use.

Workouts = 6 days, 30-40 mins each

  • Day 1 – Full body strength #1
  • Day 2 – HIIT Cardio + Core #1
  • Day 3 – Full body strength #2
  • Day 4 – HIIT Cardio + Core #2
  • Day 5 – Full body strength #3
  • Day 6 – HIIT Cardio + Core #3 (Do on Day 7 since visitors in town)
  • Day 7 – REST

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