Weekend Recap + Food & Fitness #34

This week is officially my last week of school! I can’t believe it’s already here but then there are moments where I’m glad it’s finally arrived. So you will definitely be seeing more of me on the blog, so excited to be able to give it the time it deserves.

This past weekend was really fun! My mom and cousin came into town to bring us the rest of our wedding gifts. They stayed with us from Friday until Sunday morning.

Friday when they arrived, us girls went to Town Center and did a little girly shopping (I was in definite need of shorts that fit, which I plan to do a post on later). Then we went out to the beach before Cody got off work. I saw my first beached jellyfish.


For supper we went to Liberty Taproom and Grill where mom and I split this yummy chicken dish. And this place has some great woodsmoked chicken wings.


For dessert we had to stop at our usual ice cream place. Cody and I split some mint chocolate chip ice cream (probably my favorite kind!)


Saturday we were all excited to go to our favorite donut shop, but we found out right before we headed out the door that they went out of business. So sad 😦 We still wanted donuts so we went to this other place downtown and they were good too! I had a donut with fresh raspberry icing (seeds and all).


Cody had a chocolate iced with sprinkles and a glazed (I had a couple of bites), mom had this dark chocolate filled croissant, and my cousin ordered the large cinnamon twist for us all to share. This place was definitely my splurge for the weekend but it was worth it (no guilt!).


Tropical Storm Bonnie decided to make her presence this weekend, which was a bummer. We checked out the farmer’s market for almost a minute before deciding the rain wasn’t worth it. We instead headed up north to the outlet mall for a little more shopping. Cody found some great new additions for his part of the closet, which never happens.


No, I did not get this beautiful bag.


We ate lunch at Panera because who doesn’t like soup on a rainy day? I also ordered one of their flatbreads and it was delicious!


That evening we went back downtown for a comedy mystery show at the Black Fedora. It has a lot of audience participation, including me!


For supper Saturday we went out to Senor Tequila for some good Mexican. Can we say leftovers?


Sunday we got up and headed to Page’s Okra Grill for some yummy breakfast. Because I had splurged Saturday I decided to take the healthier route for breakfast, but it was still tasty!


We had to say goodbye to mom and my cousin after breakfast since they had a long drive back home but it was good to have them here even for a short time.

The rest of Sunday consisted of putting our new purchases and wedding gifts away, working out, meal planning and grocery shopping.


Today was an added day to the weekend for both Cody and me. We tried out our new breakfast sandwich maker this morning and it will make doing breakfast super easy during the week. Cody played video games with his friends while I did some grading, worked out, and watched some Netflix. All in all a lazy day, which we both really wanted and needed.


Tomorrow we head back to work for a short week, especially for me as we only have one full day and two half days left with students plus a half work day on Friday. Should be a fairly easy week.

How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend?

How do you spend rainy days?

Here is our short meal plan for the week since we are going out of town next weekend:

Breakfasts, Lunches, and Snacks are the same as they have been the past 3 weeks.

Sunday – Leftovers

Monday – Baked Potato (and Cauliflower) Soup (so delicious!)


Tuesday – Small Group (Pizza)

Wednesday – Grilled chicken with potato and green beans

Thursday – Chicken Stir-Fry

Friday/Saturday – Out of town in Atlanta >> Any good spots to eat?!

Workouts = 6 days, 30-40 mins each (Still working hard at my Bikini Bootcamp!)

  • Day 1 – Full body strength #1
  • Day 2 – HIIT Cardio + Core #1
  • Day 3 – Full body strength #2
  • Day 4 – HIIT Cardio + Core #2
  • Day 5 – Full body strength #3
  • Day 6 – HIIT Cardio + Core #3 (Do on Day 7 since we’ll be out of town)
  • Day 7 – REST

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