Becoming a Pug Parent

The weekend has finally arrived! Saturday we will be picking up our adorable pug puppy, Cooper! This is something we have been planning for and working towards since late last summer.


I started emailing some other bloggers who I knew had pugs for some advice to begin the process. Also, Cody did some research and found a breeder that was in driving distance to us that had a good reputation and was priced reasonably.

Here are some things that we’ve learned in this process:

  • Because of pugs’ breathing problems, you have to use a harness to walk them. Harness, check!
  • Crate training will be useful, especially while he is learning to be housebroken
  • Use baby wipes to clean out the adorable pug wrinkles
  • Because pugs shed so much, brushing them at least every other day is good to keep it down
  • For potty training, start with taking the puppy out every hour then increase the time between
  • Give pugs a lot of breaks when it is super hot outside
  • Get toys for him to chew on while he is teething in his early months
  • Pugs are super affectionate and can read into people’s emotions (which I love!)

Then we played the waiting game until mid-May when we found out our little Cooper was born! We were able to see him for the first time a couple weeks ago and he is so precious!


After we found out he was finally here, we knew we had 8 weeks to get the supplies he needed and to figure out a routine for him. Luckily, I will be off until August to help with training him.


I’m excited to see him as part of our little family and to share his puppy experiences to you all!

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