Fashion Friday: 5 Shorts for the Summer

It is officially summer as of Monday and the weather here in Charleston has definitely reflected that this week. Today’s high was 98 degrees! To keep cool in the summer, shorts are always a go-to; however, I have become rather picky about my shorts in the past few years. I used to wear the shorts that were maybe a 2″ inseam, always pulling them down and not feeling secure in myself. Then I discovered LOFT shorts.

LOFT has always been one of my favorite stores to shop at and was very excited to try their shorts collection. They are a good length with a 4″ inseam and they are more structured, adding to their adultness (if that’s a word). I love them because even though I’m in shorts, I feel put together and age-appropriate.

Here are some of my new additions from this year’s collection at LOFT. The Riviera short has become my favorite style they carry. (Note: Some of the images are of me and others are from the LOFT site.)

Welcome to the Jungle! This jungle print short is great for summer and the color combo works with a lot of different tops in my closet. I paired it here with my elephant tee, also from LOFT, to complete the jungle look.

20160616_155919Shorts 2

This summer I also needed to replace my denim shorts for a smaller size and was happy to find these denim rivieras. I love their dark wash and sleek look.


I also needed to replace my black shorts as my last pair were about 4 years old. These black scalloped shorts might be my favorite pair I purchased this summer. I love the scalloped detail along the edge and the patterned texture adds an extra element to the shorts.

Shorts 4

Not only do I like a good print but I also love color. These coral sailor shorts add that pop of color to my bottom half that I didn’t have for this summer. I also love the sailor button details on the sides for dimension.

received_10156994586855464Shorts 3

My last pair of shorts are just not that but it is an entire outfit. I have wanted to add a romper to my wardrobe for awhile now but haven’t found one with the right fit… until now. This palm print romper originally caught my attention from Tara over at The Mix. I thought it was so cute and then fell in love with it even more in person. It is a nice length and has a great shape!


If you want a few more options to look at, here are three that I did not purchase but had my eye on.

Floral Tile Riviera Shorts – These were in my pile of purchase but I didn’t feel I had enough shirts for a variety of outfits with them.

Shorts 5

Striped Drawstring Riviera Shorts – I didn’t see these in store or I would’ve tried them on. They look so comfy and cute!

Shorts 6

Riviera Shorts – These are your basic riviera in a variety of colors. I would get the grey pair if I were to add another pair of shorts to my closet.

Shorts 7

Enjoy the lovely summer weather in some new shorts!

This is not a sponsored post but my own opinions about the products at LOFT.

Questions for you:
Do you like wearing shorts?
Where are your favorite shorts from?

2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: 5 Shorts for the Summer

  1. I had a really big collection of shorts from last year, but since I’ve been working out my butt is way too big for anything shorter than 4 inches now! I hated having to pull them down all the time, so I bought a couple more pairs. Loft is always great, but I actually found a new favorite pair at the New York and Co outlet in our mall. Oh, and Old Navy is great too to for shorts that aren’t so pricey.


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