5 Punta Cana Resorts to Consider for Your Next Trip

Saturday we will be heading to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon! We have been excited for this adventure since we booked it back in February. We had some trouble choosing our honeymoon spot at first; we originally wanted to do Italy but it did not fit into our budget right now, so we have to hold off on that trip for now. BUT, I still wanted to leave the country for our honeymoon.

After we decided to go somewhere in the Caribbean and an all-inclusive resort, we had to decide which island to visit. I didn’t want to do Mexico or Jamaica because they are more common. Then as we discussed our options, we agreed on the Dominican Republic!


Now, we had to choose which resort we wanted to stay at. We did some of our own research using Expedia but it is a big search, so we enlisted the help of a travel agent to narrow the search. Here are the top five resorts we decided between and the reason behind our decision.

  1. Iberostar – This one was in our budget but not exactly what we were looking for.
    Resort 2 Iberostar
  2. Excellence – We really liked this one, the quality of the resort and its amenities were impeccable, but their price was overbudget.
    Resort 3 Excellence
  3. Now Larimar – This resort was nice but also out of our budget.
    Resort 4 Now Larimar
  4. Hotel Riu Palace – This resort was around our budget but I don’t remember it being exclusively adults only.
    Resort 6 Hotel Riu Palace
  5. Catalonia Royal Bavaro – OUR CHOICE! We loved the amenities offered, the style of the resort, the price was at budget, and the reviews and ratings were outstanding! I’m excited to do a review after we return.
    Resort 5 Catalonia Royal Bavaro
    Questions for you:
    How do you decide your accommodations for a trip?
    Have you ever been to the Caribbean? What was your favorite part?
    Where did you go/would you go on your honeymoon?

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