WIAW: Honeymoon Eats

Inspired by Peas and Crayons’s WIAW posts Jenn has made so popular, I wanted to share the amazing food we ate while we were on our honeymoon!

Breakfasts were usually eaten buffet style except for my birthday, which we ordered room service for breakfast in bed. Most mornings included a variety of pastries, fruit, and some sort of egg on our plates.

Lunches varied on the day. We tried a couple new things like sushi (not my favorite), crab pasta salad (Cody) and we had lobster as an option for lunch during our safari tour!

Supper was my favorite meal!Β We made sure to hit up as many different restaurants as possible. Our first night we went to the Mediterranean place and I decided to try the lamb. It wasn’t as good as when I was in Greece but it was worth trying.


The tapas restaurant was probably my favorite! We had never been to one and it was really cool to be able to try a bunch of different things without gaining a food baby.


Round 1: Fried manchego cheese with tomato jam, honey glazed pork ribs with potatoes (fall of the bone!!), and ham and cheese croquettes


Round 2: Teriyaki chicken, tempura asparagus, paella with seafood, and range chicken cannelloni with gratin

On the 4th of July they had a beach BBQ party and served a bunch of different foods.


They had a steakhouse where the steak was surprisingly good!


I wasn’t sure if I would like the food at the Caribbean restaurant but the coconut shrimp and fish tacos were really good!

For my birthday supper, we ate at the Italian restaurant. It was pretty good, but not my favorite place at the resort. Cody had the lasagna and I had a chicken dish with a side of fettuccine alfredo.

And of course, you can’t complete a delicious meal without some dessert! We had a variety of desserts throughout the week, all equally amazing!

The best part was that everything was nicely portioned so you never felt like you had no room for dessert, and all the desserts were just sweet enough to fill the craving!


Questions for You:
What is your favorite dessert?
What genre of food do you gravitate towards?

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