Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


I follow several fashion bloggers who have shared their picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This is the first year that I have really taken a look at the sale and these bloggers have helped me narrow down the search for great pieces. I’m trying to focus more on investment pieces when adding new things to my wardrobe and this sale is a great way to do that while not completely breaking the bank.

Today was the day it opened up to the public and things were selling out quickly. I ended up only getting one dress and two pairs of shoes to stay in our budget but for our Fashion Friday today I wanted to share the pieces I was considering between (everything is under $100).
Click on the image below to access the link to purchase. Note, some of these pieces are already sold out.

I purchased the blue fit and flare. It is a great addition to my closet because it will work great for teaching and transition well to night. It is also a solid, which is uncommon in my closet.
NAS Dress 2NAS Dress 3NAS Dress 4NAS Dress


NAS ShirtNAS Shirt 2NAS Shirt 3NAS Shirt 4NAS Shirt 5

I purchased the spiked suede heels in the port wine color as well as the mushroom (tan) leather ankle booties. Both of these would work well with different life events! We’ll see how they feel on my feet and what I will keep; I’m a little picky when it comes to shoes.

NAS Shoes 2NAS Shoes 3NAS Shoes 4NAS Shoes 5NAS Shoes

Completer Pieces

NAS ScarfNAS Jacket

Questions for You:

What types of pieces do you invest in?
Any favorites from the NAS?

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