5 Things We’ve Learned So Far As Pug Parents

I’m going to warn you now… you are about to see a butt load of cuteness in this post!

5 Things We've Learned So Far As Pug Parents

A little over a month ago we were able to bring our pug puppy Cooper home. He was so little and precious.

Cooper (2)

In these 5 weeks we have learned A LOT about being his parents! Here are five things that have helped us in this first month.

  1. Establish a schedule from Day 1.

    We knew the summer would be a great time to start the schedule because I was going to be off work. A routine was what was going to help make potty training easier and our lives a little less stressful. We laid out a schedule of when he would eat, when he would spend time in his crate, etc. I even logged his pottying habits the first two weeks. We’ve altered the schedule gradually as we get ready for me to head back to work in August, increasing his time in the crate and adding walks at night.

  2. It’s a big responsibility, bigger than we thought.

    It was never a misconception that adding a puppy to our family was going to be easy. However, we didn’t realize how big of a responsibility he was going to be. The fact that you have to schedule your life and tasks around the puppy and his schedule was an eye opener, especially when you are have to watch him like a hawk. Specifically for a pug, we learned a lot those first couple of days about his breathing and how it sounds. We have also worked with cleaning out his wrinkles and using a harness instead of a collar.Β We just make sure that both Cody and I are on the same page when it comes to how to split the responsibility and how we react to different situations. This is especially important as we come closer to school starting up again.

    Cooper (11)

  3. Listen to what your puppy is trying to tell you (or show you).

    Clearly, Cooper does not speak English and we don’t speak dog. BUT, those first weeks are a time when we learn from each other and build an understanding. We’ve watched his behavior to learn what he needs, whether it’s him sniffing around to tell us he needs to go outside or he’s sitting next to his bowl and won’t leave to tell us he’s hungry.

    Cooper (25)

    Knowing he has been growing a lot tells us if we need to increase his food intake or give him more exercise or even let him sleep more (those growth spurts will wear anyone out!). We were told that puppies will sleep anywhere from 16 to 18 hours a day, which is crazy to think about!

  4. Having a variety of toys is a must.

    When we first brought Cooper home, we only had a couple of toys for him to play with, including his little lion and a couple of chewing toys. Now, after my mom stayed and watched him for a week while we were on our honeymoon, he has almost 15 different toys. We like to have a variety so he doesn’t get bored with what he is playing with. We also like to have plenty of chewing toys, especially now that he is getting into his teething stage.

    Cooper (24)

  5. Teething sucks.

    Speaking of teething, let me tell you it really does suck! While we do have plenty of toys for him to play with, that has not stopped him from biting. He has been good so far with not chewing on our wood furniture; however, he was started biting and pulling at any blanket we try to put on our laps for him to sit on, and if we don’t have a blanket but we are on the couch without him, he will bite the couch or try to get a hold of the throw pillows. Little stinker! The worst of the teething is when he gives up on a toy to try and bite us. Those chompers are really sharp and are not pleasant sunken into our fingers or clothes. We are hoping he grows out of that sassy, teething phase soon, but for now we are trying to be firm and consistent, always having a toy in hand.

    Cooper (26)

All in all, we have gained a very sweet, adorable boy to our family who loves to eat, play, and cuddle. He has added so much love to our home, we are so thankful to have him in our life!


Question for You:
If you have ever had a puppy in your home, what were some of the takeaways you had from your experience?

5 thoughts on “5 Things We’ve Learned So Far As Pug Parents

  1. Omb, Cooper is the cutest little thing πŸ™‚

    Our learning experiences from raising puppies:

    1) Every puppy is unique, and a show of their genetics, personality and past experiences…our Border Terrier is insanely playful and confident, with everything. The 8 month old we are fostering is terrified of pretty much everything after a bad start.

    2) Socialisation is important but does not mean letting your puppy run up to everything! Teaching your pup to be calm whilst walking past or watching other dogs is equally as important as letting him play with other dogs.

    3) Start that training early, as in the week your pup comes home. Off lead walking needs to be done as soon as the pup is fully vaccinated; before adolescence young puppies have a natural urge to stay close to their owners. Recall training can also begin on the first week home, in the garden or different rooms of the house. Start on impulse control and getting the dog to do ‘tricks’ (eg. sit) outdoors when young, slowly building up distractions, so it becomes natural for them.

    4) Respect any fears and work together to show the pup it’s not so scary.

    5) Treats are incredibly helpful, but be sure to use them as a reward and not a bribe!


  2. You guys are doing great! It’s so much work in those first few months, but it gets easier and Cooper will be such an important part of your family. Teething is hard, but you are doing it right! Just keep trading what he shouldn’t chew on with a toy or bone. Those puppy snuggles are the best!


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