Five Favorite Restaurants in Charleston

There are hundreds of restaurants in Charleston and the surrounding towns, and more being added all the time with the growing population. We have been in Charleston for a little over a year and have been to only a handful. However, there are places that have become some of our favorites and today I’m sharing about five of them.

Five Favorite Restaurants in Charleston

  1. Hall’s Chophouse – We have loved going to this restaurant for special occasions like my birthday and Cody’s birthday last year! Why we like it? The steaks are delicious (and from the Midwest), you can’t beat their sides, and the atmosphere they create is amazing!
    Hall's Chophouse
  2. 5Church – We have only been here once, a couple of weeks ago with some friends, but it left us speechless. The food on their menu is different but delicious. The drinks are excellent. And the fact that they’ve turned a historic church into a restaurant is super cool!
  3. Page’s Okra Grill – This Mt. Pleasant restaurant is the #1 breakfast place on TripAdvisor and for good reason. We’ve been there a couple of times when our parents are in town and it always leaves us wanting to come back. Their flavors and mix of classics with trends are delectable. And their portions for the price do not disappoint!
    Page's Okra Grill
  4. Smoky Oak – There are SO many BBQ choices to pick from, and as much as I’ve talked about Jim n Nicks in the past, I let this one be husband’s choice. I’ve only been to Smoky Oak once last fall, but Cody has been back again and stands by their meat being the best! I especially love their smoked sausage and pork. There is a new BBQ place in town, so we’ll see if it gives Smoky Oak a run for its money.
    Smoky Oak
  5. Yamato – This Japanese restaurant has been enjoyable every time we go and never leaves us hungry! I love hibachi grills because they provide entertainment, give you multiple courses of yummy food, and usually leave you with leftovers. I really like this grill because they even include sherbet for dessert with their meals 🙂

Bonus for Dessert… Carmella’s! I love their desserts for sure! It is comparable to Kaminsky’s but we’ve been here more. We’ve tried a few different desserts and they are all delicious!

Question for You:
If you live in or have visited Charleston, where is your favorite place to eat??

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