Outfit Frenzy

It’s been a long while since I’ve shown y’all my recent wears. This is mostly what I’ve been wearing in our “winter” months but you’ll see some transition outfits, especially when it’s super nice outside but my classroom is still an ice box.

I love this time of year for style because you can play with pattern and color mixtures by using layers. Also, I love boot season! This used to not be a thing but now I’m sad when boot weather ends, so I try to hold out as long as possible!

One common theme I noticed when looking back at my outfits from the past few months was the amount of burgundy/wine I wore. I love this color because of its warm hue and its ability to pair well with neutrals and even some unexpected colors.


Also, this SUPER comfy swing dress from Old Navy made its presence known! I have this dress in a magenta striped as well. Sometimes when I felt like I needed some extra warmth but still wanted to wear a dress, I would either pair the dress with a cardigan or fleece-lined tights. Otherwise, I would just let the dress shine on its own.


I also love wearing sweaters and scarves! They are easy ways, especially here in Charleston, to keep warm while staying stylish.


Note: All of the pants you see in these outfits are some version of Pixie Pants from Old Navy! They are literally the only pant I wear to work because they are comfortable but professional and are a great cut and length for either boots or flats. I recommend every woman to check them out!

I also purchased this really cute dress from a pop-up boutique for Valentine’s Day! I’m excited to wear it out when it gets a little warmer for church or date/girls nights!


Now that the weather has been warming up and been so nice the past few weeks, I’ve wanted to liven up my outfits with brighter and lighter colors! But, I’ve still had to keep an element of layering to my outfits since my classroom is always cold.



You’ll notice the little peek of stripes by my wrist. This day was really cold compared to the last month and I needed a little extra layer to keep warm haha!


This last outfit I’m most excited about right now because I just got this shirt from LOFT’s new spring line. I saw a lot of great pieces in their new line that I look forward to checking out and reporting on (a lot of bold prints, big florals, and ruffles).

So now it’s your turn! Which outfit do you like most? What is your favorite part of styling outfits or this part of the year for fashion?

Fashion Friday: Last Week of Summer Break

Happy Friday!

For this week’s Fashion Friday I wanted to share one last week of summer outfits before I head back to work and my wardrobe shifts into teacher mode once again!

Fashion Friday: Last Week of Summer Break

Church outfit

Floral Wrap Dress: Sexy Modest Boutique // Nude Suede Wedges: Younkers (similar) // Bracelet: Dominican Republic vendor

Fashion Friday: Last Week of Summer Break

Black Floral Tank: Express (different print) // Seersucker Shorts: Old Navy // Black Strappy Wedges: Nine West

Fashion Friday: Last Week of Summer Break

Worn to church and brunch

Blush Floral Tank: Express (similar) // White Jeans: Express // Black Strappy Wedges: Nine West // Elephant Necklace & Bracelet: Dominican Republic vendor

Fashion Friday: Last Week of Summer Break

Green Open-Back Tank: Francesca’s (similar style) // Denim Shorts: LOFT // Camel Strappy Sandals: Nine West // Bracelet: DR vendor // Necklace: Old and I don’t remember

Fashion Friday: Last Week of Summer Break

Teal V-neck: Express (similar) // White Floral Shorts: Express (similar) // Silver Gladiator Sandals: Nine West (similar #1)

Fashion Friday: Last Week of Summer Break

Floral Kimono: Amazon // White Tank: LOFT // Black Scalloped Shorts: LOFT // Silver Gladiator Sandals: Nine West (similar #2)

Fashion Friday: Last Week of Summer Break

I also wanted to show you what my daytime look is like when I don’t really go anywhere. It is usually workout shorts and a t-shirt. This is what I wore when I went downstairs to work in the clubhouse, which can get a little chilly… comfy but cute!

Grey Striped Tank: LOFT (similar) // Green Cardigan: Sam’s Club (similar) // Black Leggings: Victoria’s Secret // Flip Flops: Buckle // Necklace: DR vendor

Question for You:
What are your go-to pieces in the summer time?

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Poshmark & 5 Summer Outfits

It’s Fashion Friday y’all! Today I’m going to share with you my recent experience with Poshmark, a site for selling clothing and accessories, as well as some of my summer outfits.

Since moving to Charleston, I have gone through my closet several times, collecting items to sell or donate. This summer I decided it was time to do something with those items. I went through the bags of clothing, sorting whether I was going to donate it or try and sell it. The items I’ve chosen to sell have been added to my closet on Poshmark.

Poshmark (3)

Because this was my first time using Poshmark, I wanted to share my experience!

When you are ready to upload pieces to your closet, it has to be done on your phone; however, you can load photos from your phone’s gallery, Google Drive, or Google Photos. The only downside is that you can only upload one at a time, so it took a little longer than expected.

Poshmark (4)

Once you choose your piece, you complete the details on it, include a name, description, size, price, and any other information you want to share.

Poshmark (5)

After your pieces are listed, you can share them via social media with ease. I found that after I started listing items, other Poshmark users began to follow me, which was great! And I realized that following them back or finding others to follow would help get my closet more exposure.

Poshmark (1)

All in all, my Poshmark experience so far has been nice and I’m hoping to get my items sold to enjoy some newer pieces from the money earned. Click on the image below to access my closet to check out the pieces for sale!

Poshmark (2)

Now that I’ve talked about what clothes I’m getting rid of, let’s see what I’ve been wearing this summer!


Grey Floral Top: LOFT // Black Jacquard Scalloped Shorts: LOFT // Brown Gladiator Sandals: Maurices


Leopard Tank: Express // Pink Shorts: LOFT // Black Criss-Cross Wedge Sandals: Nine West


Wore this outfit to church

Blue Ikat Dress: Forever 21 // Tan Wedge Heels: TJ Maxx // Bracelets: Noonday Collection // Earrings (not pictured): From vendor in Dominican Republic


Our little boy trying to sneak into the picture 🙂

Black Tank: Express // White Colorful Floral Shorts: Express // Coral Sandals: Buckle // Bracelet: From Greece


I took a page out of Gina’s playbook for this outfit and I loved it! I was surprisingly not really hot with the longer sleeves.

Chambray Button-Up: Old Navy // White Textured Shorts: Banana Republic // Coral Sandals: Buckle // Necklace: Origami Owl

Have a great weekend! We have a birthday BBQ tomorrow that we’re excited for!

Question for You:
Do you use Poshmark? Or how do you get rid of closet items you don’t want anymore?

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


I follow several fashion bloggers who have shared their picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This is the first year that I have really taken a look at the sale and these bloggers have helped me narrow down the search for great pieces. I’m trying to focus more on investment pieces when adding new things to my wardrobe and this sale is a great way to do that while not completely breaking the bank.

Today was the day it opened up to the public and things were selling out quickly. I ended up only getting one dress and two pairs of shoes to stay in our budget but for our Fashion Friday today I wanted to share the pieces I was considering between (everything is under $100).
Click on the image below to access the link to purchase. Note, some of these pieces are already sold out.

I purchased the blue fit and flare. It is a great addition to my closet because it will work great for teaching and transition well to night. It is also a solid, which is uncommon in my closet.
NAS Dress 2NAS Dress 3NAS Dress 4NAS Dress


NAS ShirtNAS Shirt 2NAS Shirt 3NAS Shirt 4NAS Shirt 5

I purchased the spiked suede heels in the port wine color as well as the mushroom (tan) leather ankle booties. Both of these would work well with different life events! We’ll see how they feel on my feet and what I will keep; I’m a little picky when it comes to shoes.

NAS Shoes 2NAS Shoes 3NAS Shoes 4NAS Shoes 5NAS Shoes

Completer Pieces

NAS ScarfNAS Jacket

Questions for You:

What types of pieces do you invest in?
Any favorites from the NAS?

Honeymoon Packing + Style

We’ve been home for about a week now from our Honeymoon in Punta Cana. For Fashion Friday this week, I’ll be sharing what I packed for the honeymoon and the outfits that came out of it.

We only used carry-on suitcases for this trip since we were only there a week, so I limited what I brought to wear. I packed 5 tops (1 reversible), 1 light sweatshirt, 3 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of white jeans, 3 dresses, 1 romper, and 4 pairs of shoes (1 pair of flip flops for the beach).

Honeymoon Packing Tops

Honeymoon Packing Pants

Honeymoon Packing Dresses

Honeymoon Packing Shoes

I also brought a set of pajamas, 3 swimsuits, and a swim cover-up as well as jewelry for the evenings (lots of Noonday!).

In the mornings I would put on a pair of shorts with a tank top for breakfast. I also wore this combo when we went on our safari tour and the 4th of July beach BBQ.

Honeymoon Outfits (1)Honeymoon Outfits (5)Honeymoon Outfits (9)

Honeymoon Outfits (2)

I also wore this top with the black shorts I brought.

Honeymoon Outfits (7)

During the safari tour, I wore this mint top with my black scalloped shorts and silver sandals.


Honeymoon Outfits (10)

4th of July beach BBQ outfit (the only outfit close enough to being 4th of July themed lol)

In the evenings, a lot of the restaurants required you to dress up more than just shorts. So, I wore dresses or paired one of the tops with my white jeans.

Honeymoon Outfits (13)

Honeymoon Outfits (12)

I used this dress as a 2nd swim cover-up afterwards

Honeymoon Outfits (11)Honeymoon Outfits (8)Honeymoon Outfits (6)Honeymoon Outfits (4)

Honeymoon Outfits (3)

Sorry, took my shoes off before the picture but I wore the silver sandals with my birthday dress 🙂

I was really impressed with how I reworked and combined pieces to make different outfits.

Questions for you:
What do you pack for week-long trips?
How do you rework pieces when you have to limit what you can bring?

Fashion Friday: 5 Shorts for the Summer

It is officially summer as of Monday and the weather here in Charleston has definitely reflected that this week. Today’s high was 98 degrees! To keep cool in the summer, shorts are always a go-to; however, I have become rather picky about my shorts in the past few years. I used to wear the shorts that were maybe a 2″ inseam, always pulling them down and not feeling secure in myself. Then I discovered LOFT shorts.

LOFT has always been one of my favorite stores to shop at and was very excited to try their shorts collection. They are a good length with a 4″ inseam and they are more structured, adding to their adultness (if that’s a word). I love them because even though I’m in shorts, I feel put together and age-appropriate.

Here are some of my new additions from this year’s collection at LOFT. The Riviera short has become my favorite style they carry. (Note: Some of the images are of me and others are from the LOFT site.)

Welcome to the Jungle! This jungle print short is great for summer and the color combo works with a lot of different tops in my closet. I paired it here with my elephant tee, also from LOFT, to complete the jungle look.

20160616_155919Shorts 2

This summer I also needed to replace my denim shorts for a smaller size and was happy to find these denim rivieras. I love their dark wash and sleek look.


I also needed to replace my black shorts as my last pair were about 4 years old. These black scalloped shorts might be my favorite pair I purchased this summer. I love the scalloped detail along the edge and the patterned texture adds an extra element to the shorts.

Shorts 4

Not only do I like a good print but I also love color. These coral sailor shorts add that pop of color to my bottom half that I didn’t have for this summer. I also love the sailor button details on the sides for dimension.

received_10156994586855464Shorts 3

My last pair of shorts are just not that but it is an entire outfit. I have wanted to add a romper to my wardrobe for awhile now but haven’t found one with the right fit… until now. This palm print romper originally caught my attention from Tara over at The Mix. I thought it was so cute and then fell in love with it even more in person. It is a nice length and has a great shape!


If you want a few more options to look at, here are three that I did not purchase but had my eye on.

Floral Tile Riviera Shorts – These were in my pile of purchase but I didn’t feel I had enough shirts for a variety of outfits with them.

Shorts 5

Striped Drawstring Riviera Shorts – I didn’t see these in store or I would’ve tried them on. They look so comfy and cute!

Shorts 6

Riviera Shorts – These are your basic riviera in a variety of colors. I would get the grey pair if I were to add another pair of shorts to my closet.

Shorts 7

Enjoy the lovely summer weather in some new shorts!

This is not a sponsored post but my own opinions about the products at LOFT.

Questions for you:
Do you like wearing shorts?
Where are your favorite shorts from?

Fashion Friday: End of the School Year

Happy Friday! I’ve decided to designate Fridays for recent outfits. Today we are looking at six of my favorites from the last couple weeks of the school year.


Shirt: Express (Similar) // White Jeans: Express // Blazer: Maurices // Sandals: Maurices // Necklace: Origami Owl


Shirt: Express (Variety of patterns) // Pants: Old Navy // Sandals: Younkers // Bracelet: Noonday


Dress: LOFT (Final Sale) // Cardigan: Sam’s Club // Sandals: Nine West


Top: Express Outlet (Variety of patterns) // Pants: Old Navy (Chino version) // Blazer: Younkers // Flats: Buckle


Top: LOFT // Jeans: Old Navy // Cardigan: Maurices // Sandals: Buckle // Bracelet: Noonday


Top: The Limited // Skirt: SexyModest Boutique // Wedges: Younkers

Have a great weekend everyone! We are headed to pick up Cooper tomorrow!