Outfit Frenzy

It’s been a long while since I’ve shown y’all my recent wears. This is mostly what I’ve been wearing in our “winter” months but you’ll see some transition outfits, especially when it’s super nice outside but my classroom is still an ice box.

I love this time of year for style because you can play with pattern and color mixtures by using layers. Also, I love boot season! This used to not be a thing but now I’m sad when boot weather ends, so I try to hold out as long as possible!

One common theme I noticed when looking back at my outfits from the past few months was the amount of burgundy/wine I wore. I love this color because of its warm hue and its ability to pair well with neutrals and even some unexpected colors.


Also, this SUPER comfy swing dress from Old Navy made its presence known! I have this dress in a magenta striped as well. Sometimes when I felt like I needed some extra warmth but still wanted to wear a dress, I would either pair the dress with a cardigan or fleece-lined tights. Otherwise, I would just let the dress shine on its own.


I also love wearing sweaters and scarves! They are easy ways, especially here in Charleston, to keep warm while staying stylish.


Note: All of the pants you see in these outfits are some version of Pixie Pants from Old Navy! They are literally the only pant I wear to work because they are comfortable but professional and are a great cut and length for either boots or flats. I recommend every woman to check them out!

I also purchased this really cute dress from a pop-up boutique for Valentine’s Day! I’m excited to wear it out when it gets a little warmer for church or date/girls nights!


Now that the weather has been warming up and been so nice the past few weeks, I’ve wanted to liven up my outfits with brighter and lighter colors! But, I’ve still had to keep an element of layering to my outfits since my classroom is always cold.



You’ll notice the little peek of stripes by my wrist. This day was really cold compared to the last month and I needed a little extra layer to keep warm haha!


This last outfit I’m most excited about right now because I just got this shirt from LOFT’s new spring line. I saw a lot of great pieces in their new line that I look forward to checking out and reporting on (a lot of bold prints, big florals, and ruffles).

So now it’s your turn! Which outfit do you like most? What is your favorite part of styling outfits or this part of the year for fashion?

5 thoughts on “Outfit Frenzy

  1. I needed new work pants, so I ran up to Old Navy on my lunch break because of your suggestion! I tried the Pixie pants, in a size up from my normal because they didn’t have my usual size, and they did NOT work for me! Ugh, I looked so terrible. The material just hugged all the wrong places on me. I was so defeated coming out of the dressing room! But, on the table right as I left the dressing room was a Chino version of the pixie and I immediately knew they’d work better. I bought 6 colors, haha!


    • Oh yay! Sorry they didn’t work for you but I’m glad you found an alternative that you like! I love pixie pants so much and I have a pair of the Chino version in a light olive green too. They also have Harper pants that I know are good for work apparel.


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