Escaping Hurricane Matthew

It has been a crazy past week with Hurricane Matthew rearing its ugly head along the coast. Last Tuesday when we originally heard that evacuations were going to start and school was cancelled for the week, we decided to get out of town before the big rush. Thankfully we have some friends who live in Augusta and were willing to open their home to us until the storm passed.

It was great to see our friends again and it was a lot relaxation time. My friend Alexa and I did a lot of crafting and coloring!


She turned me onto a new book, Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen. Alexa read it in a day so it must have been good.


We also watched movies and drank frappuccinos.


Despite the rain, Augusta’s weather was perfect and Cooper loved being outside, playing with the leaves. It definitely tired him out!


Alexa and her husband Mitch took us downtown to check out the river walk and to eat at this great burger place called Whiskey Bar Kitchen.


I decided to branch out and get their breakfast burger and it was amazing! It even came with a side of hashbrowns to complete the meal.


We finished our night with dessert from Boll Weevil – a red velvet cake with a layer of cheesecake in the middle. So yummy!


Friday night we decided to do a fun pizza and game night at the house, so we ordered Mellow Mushroom and played Catan. We love that game!


We also couldn’t pass up the chance to eat at Steak n Shake with our gift card we got last Christmas. Love me their chicken fingers and fries with cheese sauce.


Mitch is a huge Cubs fan so we went to Carolina Ale House to watch them play one night. And Sunday Cody and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Pats play before we headed back home.


It may have been an unfortunate reason for us to go visit them but we had a great time catching up and loved the low-key week we had. It definitely rejuiced my batteries to head back to school tomorrow.

Were you evacuated because of Hurricane Matthew?
How did you spend your time during the last week if you were relocated?

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