Weekend Recap #31 + A New Start

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! I know I would be lost without mine.

Weekend Recap #31 + A New Start (11)

Friday night we ate at home and I made cheddar bacon ranch chicken burgers courtesy of Courtney over at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life and boy were they delicious!

Weekend Recap #31 + A New Start (1)

After supper we went over to Target and picked up some things off of our registry since our 15% off coupon came in the mail as well as a couple other things.

Weekend Recap #31 + A New Start (17)

Saturday we were visited by my grandma who was in town for the day. It was a good surprise and we enjoyed spending time with her. We showed them around Charleston a little, had lunch, and played some cards.

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After they left, Cody and I spring cleaned the apartment and checked off some things on my to-do list before we headed out for our first married date night.

We had some homemade pizza for supper before going out to play mini golf and some arcade games then went to get some frozen yogurt.

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Today we went to church and heard a great message on the struggle of stress. After church we laid out by the pool and did some meal planning. For lunch, we went downtown to King Street where Second Sunday was going on. We got together with two couples from small group to eat at Jim n Nick’s.

Weekend Recap #31 + A New Start (4)

After lunch we went with Gracie and Trevor to the Palmetto Brewery for Brewgrass Fest. We had a good time listening to bluegrass music and playing Jenga.

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The rest of the night consisted of getting my school stuff ready for the week, supper, and watching Game of Thrones! Does anyone else watch it?

Oh yea, one last bit of excitement was that Vegas.com, the company who hosted the #UltimateVegasOutfit challenge last week tweeted my post today! As a newer blogger, this was really cool.

Hope y’all had a great weekend and have a great week in store!

Tomorrow I finally start my 6-week bikini boot camp, created and hosted by Ashley Wiseman. It focuses on healthy eating and active fitness. I am really excited (and a little nervous) and I can’t wait to share my journey through this process with you.

Here is my meal and fitness plan for Week 1:

Breakfasts = Smoothies or English muffin with peanut butter

Lunches = Leftovers, Wrap, or Spinach Pasta

Snacks = Almonds, fruit, Greek yogurt, hummus + carrots/pretzel crisps

Suppers =

Workouts = 5 days, 30-40 mins each

  • Day 1 – Full body strength #1
  • Day 2 – HIIT Cardio + Core #1
  • Day 3 – Full body strength #2
  • Day 4 – HIIT Cardio + Core #2
  • Day 5 – Full body strength #3
  • Day 6 – Optional cardio
  • Day 7 – REST

Ashley posted this the other day and it is a great motivator!

Weekend Recap #31 + A New Start (16)

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